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x-acars - track our flights in real time

We are pleased to announce the use of X-Acars v2.x for real-time position reporting of our flights.

X-Acars is a free add-on for X-Plane and Microsoft Flight Simulator, which allows the transmission of Acars-style information in real-time to a virtual airline, such as us. The information provided by X-Acars will then be used for our Virtual Radar or the live reporting of active flights within the route map function.

X-Acars can be downloaded for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX and Linux from the X-Acars web site:

Please have a look on their web site and support their project.

Configuring X-Acars

In order to use X-Acars for position reporting for your flights, you will need to configure X-Acars using the XACARS Preferences function in the X-Acars main window.

Please specify the following information in the X-Acars Preferences window:
  • ACARS Server URL:
  • ACARS Pirep URL: Leave blank
  • FlightInfo Server URL:
  • ACARS Server User: Your air septimanie user name
  • ACARS Server Password: Your air septimanie password
  • Time Interval for PosReports (minutes): 1
  • Tick Enable LiveACARS
  • Leave Enable PIREP and Send PIREP at end of flight automatically unticked
X-Acars Preferences

Making a flight using X-Acars

Once you have configured the X-Acars Preferences, you are ready to start a flight with X-Acars and report your position automatically for our Virtual Radar.

Just specify our flight number, i.e. the 9F... number as the X-Acars Flight Number and click on Flight Data via ACARS to automatically retrieve the flight information from our database. This will then populate the relevant information in X-Acars.

Please note, that you can obviously only do this after you have created the flight on our web site and have saved it with all the relevant pre-flight information, i.e. passenger count, weights, fuel, etc. using the Update Information button on our database

The only remaining item is to specify the cruising altitude as a flight level, e.g. 360 (for FL360, i.e. 36,000 feet).

Once all information has been transferred and displayed in X-Acars (as shown below) and you are ready to start tracking your flight.
X-Acars Main Window
To start the tracking process, click on the Start ACARS button prior to starting-up your engines (very important). Your aircraft will then start reporting its position to our database server (see picture below).
X-Acars Main Window
Please note the change in the information section of the X-Acars window below the flight information. After the first data has been exchanged, this area will be updated once again with the real data being transferred:
X-Acars Main Window
Once you are airborne, your latest position will be updated every minute on our Virtual Radar facility, as well as the Live Route Map in the flight information screen.

Sometimes the connection from X-Acars to our server appears to fail for no apparent reason and you receive a failure message when clicking on the Start ACARS button. In this case, just click on Stop ACARS and then try to re-start the tracking using the Start ACARS button again. In case of multiple failures, please verify you X-Acars preferences to ensure you have specified the correct ACARS and FlightInfo Server URLs.

More information on how to configure and use X-Acars, as well as technical information on how X-Acars has been implemented can be found on the X-Acars web site:
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